Replacing Exterior Window Trim

January 28, 2020


 Greenville, South Carolina is full of beautiful homes. When you drive through the most elegant neighborhoods, it is hard to pinpoint what makes these homes so appealing.

In truth, great care is placed into making sure every detail of a home looks great. One detail often overlooked is window framing, window casting, and window sill trim. This careful detail helps homes look their best and protects the homeowners investment.

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on homes in the Greenville, SC area on home renovation projects. A small percentage of this is spent on exterior renovation contractor projects. The goal of exterior construction projects is often to make them more energy-efficient and resistant to changing weather - in addition to making them more beautiful. One of those projects is replacing exterior window trim.

There are many good reasons to replace exterior window trim. In some instances, the outer surface of the windows is badly damaged. Perhaps the window trim is outdated or just plain cracked. These problems can bring down the value of your home.

Old window sills might be from a different era or just plain ugly. If wooden window sills are beginning to rot, they may need to be sealed in weather resistant materials or replaced. Outdated colored seals from a previous era can make your home look run down and unattractive.

If your home has any of these problems, bring it up to date with a modern exterior window trim.

The Importance of Window Trim

For most homeowners replacing rotted window trim is an unpleasant but mandatory task. Rotted trim lets unwanted pests into a home in addition to rain, cold winter wind, and summer heat. Rotted window trims do not give a home the protection it requires from outside elements, including burglary.

For those family members with allergies, the proper installation of good window sills can make the difference between misery and good nights rest. Dust, dander, pollen, and mold are very unwelcoming to a person with allergies.

Modern Exterior Window Trim

For great looking windows, a variety of color schemes and material options are available today. The least costly are combination materials like vinyl and wood or aluminum and wood combinations. Newer engineered window trim solutions will last for years and are resistant to mildew and will remain clean.

These modern window trim ideas do not erode from the elements by peeling or blistering and do not require painting. A well installed engineered window trim won't even require caulking, eliminating one more maintenance task for busy homeowners.

Older window trim was made of inferior materials and may become decayed and require removal. They can easily become a place for termites. These pests can eat away at the value of your home and the longer you put it off, the more costly and extensive the repairs. 

What is a Window Frame?

There are many parts to a window that makes up the frame. The jambs form the sides. The frame encompasses the complete window scheme, and the head creates the top part of the window. The sill sits on the bottom of the framework of the window.

What is Window Trim?

Window trim surrounds the window. It carries various styles and is used for weather protection and aesthetics.

Replacing exterior window trim is a simple job for the experts, but isn't a great project for homeowners. Like any skilled trade, quality comes with plenty of practice. Tradesman may make replacing exterior window trim look easy, but their skill comes from thousands of hours of practice. A homeowner trying to do-it-yourself may be disappointed with the results.  

Without properly installed window trim, windows can become loose. This will allow wind and water to filter into the home. One sign for concern is finding condensation on window trimming. When this occurs a professional should be contacted immediately.

Wrapping Windows

A customer may decide they do not want to change the sill but only do what is known as wrapping windows. This vinyl aluminum coating of the coil is placed over the window shell's structural area for protection. If there is no damage, and the owner wants to improve upon the look of the window or even extend the life of a sill, this makes a nice alternative to installing new window casings.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Exterior Window Trim?

When replacing exterior window sill materials, whether it is rotted or old and cracked, if you want the job to look good and the replacement to be correct, this is a job for professionals. Taking pride in your home, and giving the best effort in keeping it well maintained is important.

However, many have a budget and work to keep the cost within a set limit. Fortunately, there are exterior renovation specialists in Greenville, South Carolina who respect budget constraints and assist patrons in getting quality products at reasonable costs.

The price to replace exterior window trim or to wrap windows really depends on the type of material a homeowners wishes to use. Our experts only recommend high-quality engineered materials. Finding an exterior renovation specialist that works directly with manufacturers can save homeowners a ton of money. 

Cutting out the bloated, greedy middle men - aka the big box stores - makes these exterior home renovations much more affordable for Greenville, SC homeowners.

The humid and often damp weather of Greenville, SC makes ignoring bad window trim a dangerous idea for homeowners. Allergy sufferers will want to take special concern.

Don't risk your home. Avoid bigger problems down the road by replacing exterior window trim. The good news is that with today's highly engineered casings, you'll be making these repairs for the last time.